Fireplace grills instruction

The VULCAN hearth grill consists of a frying disc 10 mm thick and up to 1000 mm in diameter, a spherical firebox and a round pedestal base.

The dimensions of the barbecue are impressive at first glance. The design of the barbecue is designed in such a way that the hearth looks completely monolithic and one-piece, the complete absence of visible welding seams and verified docking of components in combination with the correct proportions.

The VULCAN hearth grill is a combination of a campfire bowl, grill, barbecue and barbecue. You can cook food on an open fire, on a special frying surface, or on classic skewers. The brazier is convenient to use, does not require washing and special care. For cooking on the VULCAN grill, it is enough to light a fire in the bowl, the frying surface will warm up for forty minutes, and grease it with vegetable oil.

Firewood giving an open fire gives the cooking process a unique aesthetic. The hearth burning in the center of the frying surface heats it up to 250-300 degrees, and the aroma of smoke gives the food a unique taste. The frying disc, made of high-strength carbon steel with a multi-layer organic non-stick coating, is curved towards the center of the firebox to prevent hot oil from leaking outside the barbecue.

Additionally, it is possible to install a cauldron, an adapter ring for skewers and a grill on the grill. Remove the frying top and VULCAN turns into a beautiful fire bowl.

High grill performance, uniform and controlled heating of the frying surface, convenient working height of the grill turn the VULCAN hearth grill into a convenient tool in the hands of a professional chef. An open fire and an unusual appearance of the grill will turn the cooking process into a culinary show.


Where to install the Vulcan hearth grill:

  • When choosing a place to install the barbecue, make sure that there are no flammable materials within a radius of ten meters.
  • It is not allowed to install a barbecue grill under low tree branches or a roof.
  • Vulcan is installed on level concrete, sand, slab or soil.

The procedure for assembling a barbecue grill:

  • Place the Vulcan cabinet on a horizontal surface, making sure it is stable.
  • Place the Vulcan bowl on the cabinet and secure it with the fixing bolt.
  • Place the Vulcan frying surface on the bowl. Make sure that the locating slots on the surface legs line up with the end of the bowl.


First ignition

Make a small fire in the grill, let the surface warm up, gradually adding firewood. Apply vegetable oil to the frying surface and rub it evenly with a cloth. After about 20-30 minutes, the center of the surface will drop 3-5mm relative to its edges. 40 minutes after the first fire, the Vulcan is ready for use.


We recommend using dry wood to avoid strong smoke and ensure a more even fire burning. A very intense fire can overheat the roasting surface to 350 degrees, causing the food to burn on. We recommend maintaining a medium-intensity fire in the firebox, this will ensure the optimal surface temperature for frying, about 220 degrees.
Vulcan is designed to last a long time at high temperatures without damaging the paintwork and thermal deformation of the case. It is forbidden to pour water on the heated grill, this can lead to a curvature of the surface for frying.


Vulcan is designed for long and intensive outdoor use. To increase the service life of the frying surface, remove food residues from the surface with a spatula and lubricate it with vegetable oil. We also recommend lubricating the frying surface once every 2-3 weeks when not using Vulcan. During cold seasons it is recommended to store Vulcan in a warm, dry place, snow and ice can damage the paintwork of the barbecue.