Josper menu

Any restaurant that has a stove in its arsenal creates a josper menu. Products that are cooked in josper have their pronounced aroma and taste, quick cooking at high temperature keeps them juiciness and useful substances. Including such dishes in the general menu is not at all correct. A visitor who has tried dishes from a Hosper at least once, with a probability of 99% will remain an ardent fan. Hosper menu is prestigious, popular and in demand! Having a hosper menu in a restaurant is a bright advantage and an opportunity to stand out among the closest competitors.

But before you make a josper menu, you need to pick up your original recipes. With this, as a rule, there is no difficulty. Given the almost unlimited possibilities of the josper oven, recipes can be quite familiar.

The main highlight of these dishes will give exactly the way of cooking. At the same time it is necessary to remember about some features of cooking products in josper

  1. The temperature in the working chamber of the hopper is very high and reaches 500 ° C. This temperature requires a very careful attitude to the products and reduces the cooking time, on average, to six minutes.
  2. The degree of roasting of meat depends on the time spent in the josper furnace.
  3. The uniform distribution of hot air in the hopper chamber contributes to the rapid formation of a crust on the product from two sides, but to obtain a traditional “striped” pattern, the product must be turned over.  

Creating a Josper recipe menu is the chef’s creativity and experience, multiplied by the simplicity and ease of cooking in a josper oven!