You can endlessly discuss the secret of the popularity of such a simple dish as Italian pizza, but there is hardly one answer. The victorious procession of pizza around the world suggests that in any country where pizza is being prepared, there are also its regular fans.Pizza recipes are changing, complementing and improving. Along with traditional Italian pizza, extraordinary recipes are created in each country that reflect national taste preferences: French onions, Danish with horsemeat, Russian with fish, Indian with ginger, German with tuna. The variety is impressive!

But with all the variety of recipes, both pizza and pizza makers are one in one: the best pizza is wood-fired pizza. Cooked in a traditional oven or its modern counterpart, pizza on firewood acquires a special taste and absolutely fantastic aroma. Any, even the simplest, recipe for pizza baked in a wood-fired oven will be a culinary masterpiece. And the point here is not only the historically prevailing addiction of mankind to food cooked on an open fire.

The traditional wood-fired oven, which is used to make pizza, has a (base) made of heat-consuming materials: natural stone or fireclay bricks. These are necessary conditions to create a temperature ideal for baking pizza - 400 ° C. At this temperature, the pizza can be cooked for no more than 2 minutes. The pizza base dough is baked quickly thanks to the hot hearth. Products placed on the dough, especially cheese, due to the heat reflected from the dome of the oven, is melted and baked with a brown crust. 

The rules for making pizza on wood

Baking pizza on wood requires compliance with certain rules, without which a dish can lose its appeal.

1. Creating a uniform temperature in the furnace.

After firing up, it is necessary to create a maximum temperature (450-500 ° C) in the furnace, and give it time so that the temperature drops to 400 ° C. This sequence of actions is aimed at creating a uniform distribution of heat throughout the furnace.

2. Pizza Placement.

Prepared pizza is laid out directly on under the oven without the use of any additional pallets. 

3. Rotation of pizza.

During cooking, it is necessary to rotate pizza in the oven, creating conditions for uniform baking.

4. Baking timeIt must be

Remembered that pizza on wood is baked very quickly. Cooking time for standard pizza is 60-90 seconds. Even the extra 30 seconds that pizza spends in the oven leads to loss of moisture and drying. 

Following these not tricky rules, you create your best wood-fired pizza. We have prepared recipes!