The instruction manual is the first thing a consumer encounters when buying any equipment.
It is especially important to read the instructions when buying professional thermal equipment, the operation of which is associated with open fire.
ТМ Vulcan produces coal-fired furnaces for catering establishments, in which safety measures must be at the highest level.
Even at the stage of equipment selection, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technical requirements for the installation, connection (if necessary) and use of TM Vulcan furnaces.
This will allow you to take into account all the nuances in the planning of zones for placing furnaces and correctly identify the points of connection to communications. In addition, the instruction makes it possible to assess the necessary level of training for personnel who will subsequently serve this heating equipment.
We hope that our operating instructions will help our customers in choosing the right grill, hosper, pizza oven, hotbed or barbecue model.
TM Vulcan - open to cooperation! We not only help our customers with the choice, but also leave the equipment on the site and conduct staff training (if necessary).