The popularity of grilled products is so great that restaurateurs create places (steak houses, grill bars) that specialize only in such dishes. Grilled meat is the most sought-after product that attracts visitors to such restaurants! Fragrant, crisp and juicy! Professional grills of various types and modifications help cook such a culinary masterpiece. A person who is far from professional restaurant equipment may ask: “What can you invent new things in grills? Capacity, firewood and grille - everything is simple! ” And only professionals know that grills can be very different from each other not only in appearance.
TM Vulcan specializes in the production of professional charcoal grills of various types, including. We produce:

  • Argentina grill is a type of grills with a Latin-American temperament that is gaining popularity in Ukraine. The spectacular cooking of large pieces of meat on an argentina grill will not leave anyone indifferent. The well-known proverb “you can look at three things forever ...” can be safely added with one more action “you can always look at meat baked on an Argentinian grill”. And this is really the action - the meat pieces are baked at different lattice slopes to achieve the perfect balance of taste and appearance.
    Such changes always attract the attention of visitors. Add to this extraordinary presentation and the popularity of your restaurant will not take long!
  • Japanese grill or robat grill - the heritage of Japanese sailors. For quick preparation of various-sized fish, they invented a robat grill. The peculiarity of this grill is three multi-level grills. With this design, you can cook at the same time different products in different thermal conditions. Robat grill is a tribute to tradition in modern Japanese restaurants!
  • Charcoal grill - grill - a complete solution for restaurants of any format. Its design ensures the preparation of products both on the grill grid and on skewers. The presence of a protective glass, exhaust hood with a spark arrestor allows you to place the charcoal grill in a closed room.

You can get acquainted with the design and sizes of TM Vulcan grills in the “Construction” section.