The furnace for Beijing duck Vulcan Y600 Peking Duck

40 500 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Ukraine)
Warranty period
12 months
Outer casing
from AISI 304 steel (2 mm)
Overall dimensions of the camera
600х600х1000 мм
Working temperature
up to 250 ° C
4 duck carcasses

The Peking Duck Furnace Vulcan 600 Y is the modern incarnation of the ancient traditions of China. Cooking this dish for several days, thanks to a modern Vulcan 600 Y oven, has been significantly reduced without changing the quality of the finished product. Charcoal is used as fuel in the oven for Peking duck Vulcan 600 Y, which reproduces the traditional method of wood-burning as much as possible. The smooth transition of the temperature from the highest to the lowest, during the cooking process, allows the dish to acquire the famous red color, woody aroma and traditional taste. In addition to the Peking Duck, in this oven you can smoke any meat and fish products.

The Peking Duck Furnace Vulcan 600 Y has one tier and is designed for a load of 4 ducks weighing no more than 2.2 kg. Bookmark products made through the top removable lid of the furnace. Externally, the Peking style duck furnace Vulcan 600 Y is a convex barrel on legs, made of stainless steel with a double hull. Bookmark products made through the top removable lid of the furnace with special hooks. The combustion chamber is made of boiler steel and has dimensions of 400x450x500mm. Temperature control is carried out using a thermometer built-in on the front panel of the furnace. The Peking duck oven Vulcan 600Y can be useful not only in an Asian restaurant!

Supply of furnace for Pecinsky duck Vulcan 600 in Ukraine

  • Terms of delivery: prepayment of at least 50%.
  • Delivery time: up to 8 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment.
  • Warranty: from commissioning.


The package for the Peking Duck Vulcan 600 Y includes:  hooks and skewers for mounting ducks.

Options Electrolux (Italy).