Barbecue parties are an American tradition that gradually comes to Ukraine. And if for the owners of private houses - the barbecue zone is quite accessible, then for a resident of a high-rise metropolis, the desire to try such dishes can be realized only in restaurants or bars.

What is a barbecue?

The term "barbecue" is the name of the equipment (grill) and the method of cooking products. According to the technology of cooking "barbecue" - is roasting products over the coals. The victorious procession of barbecue grills around the world began with an open grill on which perfect meat steaks are cooked.

The use of barbecue grills in the restaurants of Ukraine has become familiar. Meat products prepared in this way are popular and in demand. Barbecue grills can work on many heat carriers (electricity, gas, charcoal, firewood), but TM Vulcan produces wood / coal barbecue grills.

What is remarkable grills - barbecue TM Vulcan?

First of all - this is professional equipment. Our barbecue grills are designed for use in catering, which means not only large sizes, but also materials that provide a long period of operation.

We will not dwell on the design features. You can get acquainted with them in the “Construction” section. It should be noted only that while creating the TM Vulcan barbecue grills, not only reliability and safety were taken into account, but also the convenience of everyday use and maintenance of this equipment. TM Vulcan produces two types of charcoal barbecue grills: open and closed. Closed barbecue grills are equipped with a lid and can be used as a smokehouse. Therefore, as fuel, in these types of grills, you can use the chips of fruit trees, and not just charcoal or firewood.

Using various replaceable elements, you can not only bake meat products in a closed barbecue grill, but also smoke sausages, poultry, fish. Peking duck is a legendary dish, you can also cook it in a closed barbecue grill. Some recipes and tips on cooking technology in the barbecue grills are collected in the section "Recipes for the grill."