Alder wood chips

400 грн.

Packing: 250 gr - 100 UAH., 500g. - 200 UAH., 1000gr - 400 UAH.

Alder chips can be bought not only for smoking. A small amount of alder chips adds an amazing flavor to grilled or barbecue dishes. Chips are finely ground alder particles of various sizes, dried under conditions of stable temperature and humidity in a natural way.

This method of drying, without the use of accelerating factors, allows you to:

- keep in wood the maximum concentration of aromatic resins;

- use a small amount of chips in the cooking process.

Before being used directly for smoking or flavoring, alder chips are soaked for 60 - 120 minutes in pure fresh water.

Buy alder chips can be in a package of 0.25 kg; 0.5 kg; 1 kg.