Round pizza shovel Vulcan

1 000 грн.
Producing country

Cooking pizza on an open fire requires the use of professional accessories.
One of the most essential tools is a pizza shovel.
With the help of this simple device, the pizza maker puts it into the oven, turns it over and takes out a fragrant pizza.
The Vulcan round pizza shovel is designed for small pizza diameters up to 200 mm. It can be used in wood / coal stoves of TM Vulcan and other manufacturers with an operating temperature in the frying chamber up to 350 ° C.
The stainless steel surface of the Aisi 304 steel of the shovel blade ensures easy maintenance of this tool and also increases its service life.
The shovel handle is made of well-polished wood with a comfortable grip diameter.
The length of the Vulcan pizza shovel is 1500 mm.
Convenience, lightness and reliability of the Vulcan pizza shovel will add comfort when making pizza in any HoReCa establishment.