Equipment in restaurants of mangal zones is a popular trend in Ukraine. And each owner faces one question: “How to choose reliable and high-quality equipment?” After all, the market is replete with diversity: there are expensive European brands that have been tested by time, there are Ukrainian manufacturers who do not yet have such a history. How does the equipment for mangal zones TM Vulсan differ from analogs and what can we offer to our customers? 

1. High reliability TM Vulсan uses in the production of furnaces - josper, perfected to perfection, the Spanish assembly technology.
This technology involves the assembly of the outer case of the josper - furnace with a lot of reinforcements. Screw fastening of the outer casing in increments of 5 cm gives it a special reliability. During high-temperature heating, the metal expands without breaks and deformations, during cooling it acquires the initial parameters.

3 year warranty - the best indicator of reliability and quality!

2. High-quality technological materials In the equipment TM Vulсan used not just quality materials. Each individual device uses a material that significantly improves its performance.

3. Reasonable prices Own production facilities in Ukraine allow TM Vulcan to form reasonable prices for manufactured equipment for the grilling zones of restaurants. Despite the use of expensive materials and components in the construction, the price of our equipment is much lower than European counterparts.

 4. Integrated approach

TM Vulcan offers a full range of services for equipping mangal areas of restaurants - from planning to installation and subsequent warranty and post-warranty service. Many restaurants in Dnieper, Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Lviv, where the equipment for the TM Vulcan mangal zones has been successfully operated on a par with European counterparts, have already become our clients.