Hearth stove Vero 100 Vulcan

118 000 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Poland-Ukraine)
stationary, mobile
Warranty period
24 months
Type of instalation
стационарная, передвижная
Height - 2850 mm; outer diameter - 1400 mm; hearth height from the floor - 1150 mm; mouth parameters - 440 * 220 -540 * 220 mm; weight - 1700 kg
Overall dimensions of the camera
Diameter - 1000 mm
Working temperature
from 100 ° C to 500 ° C

Despite the wide range of electric stoves for restaurant establishments, wood-burning stoves are gaining more and more popularity.

The Vero 100 Vulcan model is a representative of such furnaces.

She combined the shape of a traditional Neapolitan stove and modern, high-quality materials. This single-level hearth wood-burning oven can be successfully used for baking pizza, as well as other dishes. It is very simple to work with a hearth furnace on wood.

Capacity - up to 3 pizzas at a time (diameter 30 cm).

Delivery of a vero 100 Vulcan hearth furnace in Ukraine

Terms of delivery: 50% prepayment.

Delivery time: up to 7 weeks from the date of receipt of prepayment.

Warranty: from the moment of commissioning


The basic equipment of the Vulcan Vero 100 hearth furnace includes:

  • metal base;
  • plastered hearth furnace;
  • facade with countertop;
  • stone under a thickness of 250 mm;
  • round pipe for connecting to a flue system with a diameter of 250 mm.

Additional (optional) elements:

  • ash box;
  • thermometer;
  • shelf countertop;
  • painting of metal structures;
  • plaster painting;
  • set of brackets for unloading by crane;
  • mosaic logo / inscription;
  • marble mosaic;
  • wheels decorative white plaster.