Dome oven Mario 130 Vulcan

150 000 грн.
Producing country
Warranty period
24 months
Type of instalation
Outer casing
Thermal insulation
basalt wool
Inner chamber
fireclay brick ША - 9
height - 1900 mm; outer diameter - 1800 mm; hearth height from the floor - 1150 mm; weight - 1800 kg; chimney diameter - 250 mm
Overall dimensions of the camera
diameter - 1300 mm
Working temperature
from 100 ° C to 500 ° C

Professional oven for baking pizza Mario 130 Vulcan - equipment for a restaurant with high traffic.
This oven provides up to 125 pizzas (diameter 300 mm) per hour, with a one-time load up to 10 pizzas.

The Mario 130 Vulcan dome oven is an analogue of the traditional Italian oven (Pompeian) for baking wood-fired pizza.
The state-of-the-art materials used in the manufacture of the Mario 130 Vulcan Dome Furnace ensure excellent performance and performance of this equipment.
The domed working part of the Mario 130 Vulcan oven is installed on a metal base - a stand with a shelf for firewood. The dome walls have a multi-layer structure of refractory bricks, mineral insulation and an outer layer of plaster. Due to this structure, the required operating temperature can be maintained in the frying chamber, which allows it to work for a long time without an additional firebox.
Despite its impressive overall dimensions, the Mario 130 Vulcan dome oven is quite economical. For an eight-hour working day, she needs no more than kg of firewood.

The furnace is designed with heights that are convenient for the operation and maintenance of this equipment.

The Mario 130 Vulcan dome oven comes as standard, which can be expanded with additional options.


The basic delivery of the Mario 130 Vulcan dome oven includes:

  • stand - base with a shelf for firewood;
  • plaster hearth furnace.

Additional (optional) elements:

  • white / decorative plaster Lamb - 6000 UAH; 
  • mosaic white / gray / black - UAH 30,000;
  • damper - 1000 UAH;
  • thermometer - UAH 2800;
  • natural granite shelf, stainless steel window sill bracket - UAH 8,000;
  • decorative plate made of stainless steel over the arch - 4000 UAH;
  • painting of metal parts in a color different from black - 4000 UAH;
  • set of brackets for unloading by crane - UAH 2500;
  • inscription / logo from a mosaic - 4000 UAH;
  • logo stencil from stainless steel - 800 UAH.