Stone pizza oven Vulcan 120

138 000 грн.
Producing country
Warranty period
12 months
Type of instalation
Outer Ø: 1800 mm; weight, net: 2400 kg; mouth 440 * 220 - 540 * 220 mm; Chimney Ø: 250 mm; hearth height from the floor: 1150 mm; total height: 2850 mm; standard wall thickness: 150-200 mm; minimum wall thickness: 150 mm; hearth thickness: 250 mm
Overall dimensions of the camera
Diameter - 1200 mm
Working temperature
Maximum 500 °C

The stone pizza oven Vulcan 120 will help give a pizza or restaurant a memorable interior. The unusual shape and individual finish design will help your establishment to be original and recognizable.

But appealing looks are not the only virtues of the Vulcan 120 stone pizza oven.

This is an effective wood-burning oven with which you can bake up to 5 pizzas with a diameter of 30 cm at the same time or bake meat, vegetables and other dishes.

Vulcan 120 is an economical model that allows you to use the minimum amount of firewood or charcoal for cooking. This effect is achieved due to the thickness of the walls and the use of a refractory hearth. Structurally, the furnace is a dome construction with an elongated chimney, which is mounted on a strong metal base.

Comfortable work with this equipment provides a convenient height of the mouth and countertop. The basic oven kit can be expanded with additional options that add functionality to this equipment.

Delivery of the Vulcan 120 dome furnace in Ukraine

Terms of delivery: 50% prepayment.

Delivery time: up to 7 weeks from the date of receipt of prepayment.

Warranty: from the moment of commissioning.


The basic equipment of the Vulcan 120 stone pizza oven includes:

  • oven with a plastered surface;
  • metal base; facade with countertop;
  • stone under;
  • branch pipe for connection to a flue system.

Additional options:

  • white decorative plaster, lamb / fur coat - 8000 UAH .;
  • marble mosaic - 63000 UAH .;
  • wheels - 8900 UAH .;
  • ash box - 4000 UAH .;
  • thermometer - 2800 UAH .;
  • shelf countertop polished stone - 7000 UAH .;
  • painting of metal parts in a color other than black - 4000 UAH;
  • plaster painting - 4000 UAH;
  • set of brackets for unloading by crane - 2500 UAH;
  • mosaic inscription / logo - 4000 UAH.