Pizza - this delicious symbol of Italy has long gained popularity in our country. Ukrainian restaurants compete in the quality and variety of this delicious cake. But how to cook a pizza is not like the others, if the recipes are known, and the products are standard? There is only one way out - to make an interesting show from the cooking process, an element of which will be a wood-burning pizza oven!

Only in such a furnace does pizza acquire an extraordinary aroma and taste, which are so appreciated by lovers of this dish! Only about the pizza from the oven, you can say "piping hot!"

Trademark Vulcan manufactures wood-burning pizza ovens in Ukraine at its own production facilities. These are modern counterparts of a traditional Italian wood-burning pizza oven. The models of pizza ovens on wood TM Vulcan are distinguished by their laconic design, high-quality materials, high functionality and convenience. Currently, we can offer two modifications of pizza ovens on firewood: PRO - 4 and PRO - 7. They are identical in design and materials, but differ in size. Details on the design features of a wood-burning pizza oven can be found in the “Construction” section.

What are the advantages of a pizza oven on TM Vulcan wood:


The pizza ovens on TM Vulcan wood have a dome shape. The use of chamotte lining inside the chamber makes it possible to maintain a high temperature for a long time and contributes to the even and fast baking of the pizza. This design allows you to use a smaller amount of fuel in the cooking process and provides significant savings in firewood.

2. Convenience

The furnace is installed on the table - a stand with a height convenient for the work of the staff. In the internal space of the stand, firewood is stored, which is used as needed. Such a supply of dry firewood "at hand" ensures the continuity of the cooking process.

3. Competitive price

Using the production of pizza ovens on the wood of TM Vulcan quality materials and components from Europe, we maintain a competitive price for these products in Ukraine. Pizza ovens on the wood of TM Vulcan - is the preservation of the best traditions of Italian cuisine in a modern version!