Brazier round Vulcan UNO +

10 900 грн.
Producing country
Type of instalation
Outer casing
body - stamped steel
height - 700 mm, bowl diameter - 700 mm, weight 23 kg
Working temperature
from 200 °C to 300 °C
Number of seats
up to 200

Brazier round Vulcan UNO + can be used both in a restaurant and in everyday life.

 This small brazier is multifunctional. The use of additional accessories makes it possible to cook dishes on it in a cauldron, on skewers, and on a wire rack.

 A specially treated frying surface turns this round barbecue into an area not only for cooking, but also for communication.

 Brazier round Vulcan UNO + is a round frying surface, fixed on a cone-shaped stable base.

 Ventilation holes are placed in the base, which provide air flow for even burning.

 Firewood is used as fuel in this model of the barbecue.

 The round brazier Vulcan UNO + is installed on a solid, even base with any coating. The equipment is designed to avoid traces of ash, coal and oil.

 Equipment materials and fasteners are designed for a long service life.

 Round brazier Vulcan UNO + is delivered to all regions of Ukraine.


The basic kit of the Vulcan UNO + barbecue includes:

  • base - stand;
  • frying surface.

  Additional options:

  • stand for a cauldron (diameter 25 cm, thickness 0.6 cm, weight 0.4 kg) - 600 UAH;
  • ring - stand for skewers (diameter 55 cm, thickness 0.2 cm, weight 0.6 kg) - 1170 UAH;
  • lattice - grill (diameter 25 cm, thickness 0.6 cm, weight 1.4 kg) - 960 UAH