Мангал барбекю бытовой Vulcan UNO

8 900 грн.
Producing country
Type of instalation
Outer casing
painted steel
The diameter of the bowl / frying surface is 600 mm, the height is 450 mm, and the weight is 15 kg.
Working temperature
from 200 °C to 300 °C

The symbol of family unification has always been a round table, and a round barbecue grill - barbecue Vulcan UNO will unite not only the family, but also your friends.

This model is designed specifically for domestic use and can be installed on the brazier areas of a private house or cottage.

The brazier is made in the form of a bowl mounted on a conical stand.

The cooking process is carried out on a cooking surface made of carbon steel. For cooking barbecue or dishes in the cauldron, additional coasters and nozzles are provided.

Barbecue case - barbecue Vulcan UNO is made of coated steel, which provides protection from atmospheric precipitation.

Barbecue - Vulcan UNO barbecue can easily be moved to any part of the garden and installed even on an unprepared site without a foundation. After using the barbecue, there are no traces of ash and soot.

Barbecue grill Vulcan UNO will give you many pleasant moments with your family and friends!


The basic equipment of the barbecue grill - barbecue Vulcan Uno includes:

  • Bonfire with a stand;
  • frying surface.


Optional accessories:

  • barbecue nozzle - 1000 UAH .;
  • grill grill - 900 UAH .;
  • stand for a cauldron - 600 UAH.