Argentinian grill AG15

90 989 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Ukraine)
Argentinian grill
Warranty period
24 months
Type of instalation
Outer casing
AISI 430 steel (2mm)
Inner chamber
boiler steel 6 mm thick
1450х700х1300 mm

Argentinean grill or grill Argentina came to us from the same country. Argentina, as is known, is famous for its marble beef and not only. It is for cooking beef and pork in large chunks and used Argentine grill.

The Argentinean AG15 Vulkan grill is a platform with a grill for meat, the height of which can be adjusted. Adjusting the height and tilt of the grille is carried out manually. The design of the Argentine grill is quite simple and convenient. On three sides, the working area is closed by protective sides.A ash box and open shelves for storage of inventory are mounted in the lower part. The base of the Argentinean grill AG15 Vulkan is made of fireclay bricks, which allows you to keep the heat from 300 to 400 ° C.

The fuel used is charcoal of non-coniferous trees.Argentinean grill AG15 Vulkan - reliable and high-quality equipment with which you can easily cook up to 30 kg of meat per hour. The grill AG15 Vulkan can be completed with a brassero. 

The price of delivery of the Argentinean grill AG15 Vulkan includes the installation of equipment and staff training!

Technical parameters of the Argentinean grill AG15 Vulkan

  • Power (equivalent) - 4.5 kV;
  • Ignition time - 40 minutes;
  • Weight - 160 kg.

Supply of Argentinean AG15 Vulcan grill in Ukraine

  • Terms of delivery: prepayment of at least 50%.
  • Delivery time: up to 7 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment.
  • Warranty: from the moment of commissioning.


The AG15 Vulkan package includes:

  •  chamotte base;
  •  ash boxes - 3 pcs .;
  •  wheels - 4 pcs .;
  • grill for meat with grease collector (730x530x20mm);
  •  a lattice - a pig-iron grate;
  •  poker;  
  • brush;
  •  bottom flap with handle.