Argentine Grill AG20

109 198 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Ukraine)
Warranty period
24 months
Outer casing
AISI 430 steel (2mm)
Inner chamber
boiler steel 6 mm thick
Overall dimensions of the camera
2000х700х1400 мм

Want to create a spectacular mangalny zone?

Buy Argentinian grill! This type of grill is also called Argentina grill. It is ideal for cooking meat, pork and beef in large pieces. The AG20 Vulkan double Argentine grill is two adjustable grills and a special compartment for the production of charcoal - brassero, located on the same site. In the lower part of the grill there are two ash boxes and a zone equipped with guides for installing gastronorm containers that need to be bought.

The AG20 Vulkan Argentinean grill is installed permanently, without the possibility of movement. Moving the grids is done manually. The working surface has a protective screen with a height of 500 mm.

You can buy the Argentine grill AG20 Vulkan with the installation and training of staff at a specified price!

Technical parameters of the Argentine grill AG20 Vulkan

  • Power (equivalent) - 6 kV;
  • Ignition time - 40 minutes.

Supply of Argentinean AG20 Vulkan grill in Ukraine

  • Terms of delivery: prepayment of at least 50%.
  • Delivery time: up to 7 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment.
  • Warranty: from the moment of commissioning.


Are included in the package of delivery of AG20 Vulkan:

  •  framework for skewers - 2 pcs .;
  • ash boxes - 2 pcs .;
  • grill for meat with giro collection (600x550mm);
  • shelves for the "rest" of meat (600x300mm) - 2 pcs .;
  • lattice for brassero;
  • poker;
  • brush.