Argentinian grill AG15
Argentine Grill AG20
Robat grill RG15
4M Charcoal Grill
Furnace Hosper 2L
Hosper wood stove 4L
5L Charcoal Stove
Josper oven Vulcan 2M
BBQ grill charcoal GS15
RG12 Robat Grill
Focal OG10 Grill
Focal OG980 Grill
BBQ Grill BBQ15

How not to get a tasty dish without fresh products, and not get a good restaurant without high-quality equipment.

Technological and reliable equipment for a restaurant is the basis of its successful work and competitiveness in the dynamic market of the public catering business in Ukraine. Vulcan brand successfully sells in Ukraine equipment for restaurants, cafes, grill bars, steak houses of its own production. We design, produce and install equipment operating on charcoal and wood.

 The equipment catalog for the TM Vulcan restaurants for convenience is divided into several categories, in which the model range of the same type equipment is presented.

  •  In the “Josper” section, the popular Josper Grill coal stoves are presented, which combine a stove and a closed grill.
  •  Section "Grill" - includes various models of grills: traditional, Japanese, Argentine, focal.
  • Varieties of stoves, smokehouse and grills are presented in the "BBQ". It includes a barbecue grill for frying and hot smoking, a grill on a spit, a Peking duck oven, a smoke oven (cold and hot), a vertical tandoor oven.
  • The name "Pizza" does not need to be translated. This section contains wood-burning pizza ovens. They can be, both from cast metal and stainless steel, and from fireclay bricks, with finishing from heat-resistant designer mosaics. 

Constantly expanding its range of products, we will complement and increase the equipment catalog. A variety of equipment models for TMVulkan restaurants makes it possible to equip any open area or indoor area in Ukraine with high-quality professional equipment that will help you easily create any culinary masterpieces.