Starter for coal firing

1 003 грн.
Producing country
Stainless steel, wood
170 x 270 mm
1.8 kg coal briquettes

Starter for coal firing is a very convenient device with which you can quickly and safely ignite any grill or grill. Within 15-20 minutes, the coals that are placed in the starter “ripen” to the temperature required for roasting products.

The cooking process consists of the following steps:  

  • the internal volume of the starter fills the maximum fuel;
  •  on a heat-resistant surface, it is necessary to put and ignite highly inflammable fuel (dry alcohol, chips, paper);
  •  the starter is installed on a mini fire that broke out;

 when the top coals turn red they can be poured onto the bar grate of the barbecue and start the cooking process.

Starter for coal firing is made in the form of a mug. Inside installed grill for fuel. Body material - stainless steel, handle holder - wood. Weight - 1100 grams.