Josper oven grill

10 000 грн.
550x510x20 mm

Meals and products that are prepared in the josper oven are placed on the grates.  The grid is inserted into the guides, which are installed on the walls of the working chamber of the furnace.  The distance between the guides and the number of grids can be changed, depending on the height of the dish and the size of the baked product.  The josper oven grates are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. They have a rectangular shape. The grating in the furnace is moved with the help of a handle, which is grasped by special tongs.

Lattice maintenance - cleaning with a metal brush, which, as a rule, is included in the josper oven package.  A grid of this size can also be used for a Vulcan oven.