Grid for Vulcan oven

9 200 грн.
550х510х20 мм

The integral element of the Vulcan stove is the grill. It serves to directly place the baked products on its surface and gives them a wonderful crust with a signature striped pattern. On it you can install the dishes. Lattices are inserted into guides at different heights and are moved with the help of a handle. For safe work with bars, usually use special tongs. The oven grate is rectangular in shape. The material is AISI 304 stainless steel. This heat-resistant material is perfectly cleaned with a metal brush, which is included in the delivery set of the Josper furnace.

The grid has dimensions of 740x510x20 mm for the Vulcan furnace. For use in a JOSPER furnace, a size of 760x510x20 mm is required.