Springs for Josper oven doors

713 грн.

Price per unit Couple - 1300 UAH.

Producing country
Vulcan (Ukraine)
Without "ears" 175 x 120 mm; with "ears" - 230 x 120 mm

How many times during the work does the door open and close in the oven? Difficult to count. Convenience, ease and comfort are given to this process by springs for doors. They must have sufficient strength and springiness in order for the hinged door of the furnace to function in an enhanced mode of operation.

Hosper oven door springs (Josper) - used for fixing a hinged door in Josper stoves. Springs can be used for all models of furnaces of this brand. They are of standard size, made of high-quality heat-resistant steel with a black corrosion-resistant coating.