Pizza shovel square Vulcan

1 400 грн.

Shovel for pizza 300 mm - 950 UAH, for pizza 350 mm - 1050 UAH.

Producing country

The pizza shovel is an accessory without which it is impossible to imagine the preparation of this pie in a wood-fired oven.
Despite the external prostate, this tool is one of the main tools for baking.
With its help, the pizza maker places, turns over and takes out the finished product from the oven chamber.
Therefore, it must have a heat-resistant base, be light and durable.
The Vulcan square pizza shovel is a professional accessory that can be produced for heavy loads and long service life.
The perforated blade of the shovel is made of stainless steel (Aisi 304) and is integral with the crown. The handle of the shovel is wooden.

The Vulcan square pizza shovels are available in two sizes:
- for pizza with a diameter of 300 mm;
- for pizza with a diameter of 350 mm.

Length - 1500 mm.

A reliable and high-quality pizza shovel from TM Vulcan is a good mood for a pizza maker and an excellent pizza for your restaurant visitors.