Vulcan oven poker

1 500 грн.

Small poker - 1850 UAH, large poker - 1875 UAH.

Producing country

A poker is one of the essential tools for maintaining wood stoves.

Controlling the burning of firewood, moving firewood and coal, cleaning the firebox - all this is done with the help of an ordinary poker for the stove.
Reliability, convenience and lightness - these are the characteristics that a poker for a stove should have.

TM Vulcan produces two types of pokers for wood-burning stoves for professional use.
The small poker is a curved 304 stainless steel bar mounted on a wooden handle. The total length of the product is 1200 mm.
Large poker - 304 stainless steel curved strip, wooden handle. The total length of the product is 1500 mm.
The products are made taking into account the maximum loads and have a large safety margin.
The quality of work in a restaurant is also made up of such unremarkable tools as a poker for the TM Vulcan oven.