Spark Arrestor Filter with Cap

10 200 грн.
Outer casing
из н/ж стали AISI 304 толщиной (2 мм)

There can be no fire without sparks - it is almost an axiom. Therefore, equipment that uses charcoal or firewood as fuel (barbecues, grills, pizza ovens, jospery) needs a spark arrestor.The main function of the spark arrester is to prevent potentially dangerous large sparks from entering the external space. To do this, metal gratings are installed inside the spark arrester case. Sparks, rising with hot air to a spark arrestor, collide with gratings and extinguish. Depending on the design of the equipment, the spark arrester is mounted on the exhaust pipe or directly on the body.

The use of such a simple device provides the maximum from the occurrence of fire due to a spark. Spark arrestor is installed on JOSPER and Vulcan josper.