No one doubts that when planning a restaurant business, the choice of professional kitchen equipment is important. Many factors of success of a public catering establishment depend on its quality characteristics and reliability of work. But the competitiveness and popularity of catering establishments also depends on the rapid response to the requests of its guests. And in this will succeed those restaurants, pubs and gastronomy markets, whose “park” of professional equipment will include apparatuses with the most modern technologies.

The equipment for the catering, working on wood or charcoal and combining various possibilities for heat treatment of products, has recently become widespread. This multifunctional catering equipment offers  Vulcan:  

  • stoves - barbecues;
  •  ovens - grills;
  • stoves - barbecue, smokehouse;
  • Josper furnace, tandoor;
  • pizza ovens.

Our equipment has a number of significant advantages over traditional counterparts:

1. solid fuel is much cheaper than electricity;

2. European technologies allow us to put our ovens, both indoors and on terraces;

3. dishes from Vulcan ovens are tastier and more beautiful than on electric counterparts;

4. The price of the equipment  Vulcan, below European counterparts, with the same quality;

5. cooking time due to high temperatures is minimal;

6. using cast iron and steel chambers, we provide a guarantee and integrity of the body for many years.

It is important to note that modern equipment for public catering, which runs on autonomous fuel, has a high degree of security and can be installed even in basements with the correct hood. Having a beautiful design and appearance, this technique can be a highlight in your institution. Convenience, safety, excellent taste in minimal time - these are the characteristics that have high-quality professional kitchen equipment from Vulcan.

Buying ovens and grills  Vulcan, you get not only high-quality equipment, but the ability to constantly expand the assortment of the menu of your institution with various dishes!