Vulcan brand is a young brand that operates in the Ukrainian market and specializes in the production of professional equipment for restaurants. The development of a catering culture constantly sets new challenges for manufacturers. Produced equipment for restaurants should be as convenient, economical, have a concise design, be as safe as possible and meet the latest culinary trends. The Vulcan brand occupies one of the most sought-after niches of professional equipment for restaurants and produces thermal equipment on charcoal and firewood for mangal areas, open areas, steak bars, gastronomical markets, etc.

Vulcan ovens have Spanish and Italian roots. Cooperation with manufacturers of components for heating equipment led to the creation of its own production facilities in Ukraine. Now certified production facilities of TM Vulcan are located in three cities: the Dnieper, Kharkiv, and Odessa.For five years, more than 500 catering establishments in Ukraine have been equipped with TM Vulcan equipment.TM Vulcan constantly takes part in exhibitions of equipment for restaurants, conducts training and demonstration workshops for potential buyers and chefs. A large number of chefs highly appreciated the quality characteristics of the mangal equipment of this brand.
The product line of TM Vulcan is constantly updated with new products. This year the range has been replenished with new models of Argentinean and Japanese grills. In the process of developing new models of focal grills, tandoors and smoke smokers for hot and cold smoking. TM Vulcan is a modern thermal equipment of Ukrainian production of European quality from European components!