Instructions for Grill Oven 3l Eco Vulcan


Parameter Index
Operating temperature, оС 200-300
Grill, mm 450x580
Warming up time to 250 ° C, min 15-20
Productivity, kg/h до 30
Coal consumption per day (wood), kg 20-25
Coal consumption per day (coal briquette), kg 8-10


Spark arrester with the ability to clean;
Ventilation system both through an exhaust hood and to the chimney pipe;
Turbine for air injection (reduction of ignition time);
The use of charcoal and briquettes as fuel;
Possibility of smoking thanks to the closed design;
Cast chamber (the analogs use a welded chamber);
The firebox is made of cast iron 20 mm thick;
Temperature control with a temperature sensor;
The case is made of high-tech steel;
Operating temperature up to 300 ° C.

1. The opening of the chimney; 2. Firebox; 3. Guides for the grill; 4. Grate; 5. Air injection turbine; 6. Wardrobe; 7. - Adjustable feet; 8. Traction control; 9. The door handle; 10. Thermometer; 11. Firebox door; 12. Ash box; 13. The handle of the ash box; 14. The door handle; 15. The door of the cabinet.

Do not place any flammable (combustible) materials less than 30 cm from or on all sides of the oven. Remember that all exposed oven surfaces are VERY hot!

When installing the oven inside an enclosed space, it is necessary to install an exhaust pipe of suitable dimensions.
The diameter of the chimney must ensure that the outlet of the furnace is blocked. The chimney must be made of stainless steel, have no corners and be airtight along its entire length. The horizontal location of the chimney is not recommended in order to avoid the formation and accumulation of liquid and solid deposits and sediments, fats.
If the chimney ignites, turn off the air supply fan and quickly extinguish the fire by closing all the dampers.
Use a fire extinguisher to eliminate fire outside the oven.

ATTENTION!!! With regard to the use of solid fuel furnaces, it is necessary to study the current local regulations and documents. In some places of installation, the installation of additional smoke filtration systems (including hydraulic filters) is required, depending on the installation option.

Common chimney
The furnace should be installed with a flame arrester and a hood. In this case, the occurrence of sparks and / or flame is eliminated. It is also necessary to install additional spark traps in the exhaust hood, so that when the furnace opens, catching sparks that fly out.

Separate chimney
In this case, we install a flame arrester, without a cap, attaching directly to a chimney that goes beyond the premises according to building codes.
The diameter of the chimney at the junction should be 140 mm.
The connection between the arrester and the chimney is made by means of a funnel of the appropriate size so that the arrester can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. With this installation method, an exhaust hood is also required to remove smoke when opening the door in the oven.

The Vulcan coal-fired furnace is a closed-type grill (Hosper) furnace controlled by a system of “adjustable draft”: from below - with air supply and from above - at the smoke outlet. The front of the oven is equipped with a convenient reinforced hinged door. Inside, in the furnace, coal burns, over which there are lattices and baking sheets for frying.

Without loading food into the chamber, calcine the equipment for 60 minutes. Protective grease remaining on metal parts should burn out.

ATTENTION!!! It is strongly discouraged to rekindle the grill with coal-firing fluid. The smell of petrochemicals will fill the chamber and display on the finished dish.

Open the chimney flap in an upright position (to mark 2) and the ash pan should be ajar by 3-5cm.

Close the door and the ash pan, turn on the turbine for pumping air for 3-5 minutes depending on the quality of the coal (continuous operation of the turbine should not exceed 5 minutes, after this time the turbine should be turned off for at least 5 minutes).

Opening – closing is visually controlled. Pull out the ash drawer about 5 cm. Ignite the coal with a match or lighter in three places: on the top of the slide and on both sides below. Do not push the ash drawer all the way, leave a small gap. This improves air circulation and speeds up the process of coal combustion.
For the ignition of coal in a professional barbecue, you can use dry alcohol tablets. They burn with an almost colorless flame and are odorless.

Recommended operating temperature inside the chamber is 200-250оС. At this temperature, the product is instantly baked on the outside and continues to cook, without losing precious juices inside. The permissible maximum temperature in the furnace should not exceed 400 degrees. If the furnace is operated at temperatures above 400 degrees, this can lead to technical malfunctions, for which the company does not bear responsibility and warranty.

1. Slide the ash drawer all the way, leaving no slots. This will allow more precise control of draft and temperature in the chamber.
2. Open the camera door in two stages, the 1st - open it by 10cm. and release the main heat, 2nd - slowly open completely and check the condition of the coal.
3. Using a poker, level the charcoal and evenly distribute it on the grate.
4. Insert the rack shelf into the guides. The height of the lattice shelf above the coal layer depends on the type of products intended for heat treatment.
5. To prepare the meat, the grill should be set to the lower position, above the coal layer. To cook fish and vegetables - grill the grill to raise it higher.
6. Close the chimney flap. To do this, turn the flap lever horizontally. Make sure the blower opening is also closed.
7. Close the chamber door and wait 5-10 minutes, and then open the chimney flap to exhaust the combustion products from the grill chamber.
8. Open the chamber door in 2 steps and check for flame.
9. Partially open the chimney flap. The grill is ready to cook.

During the entire cooking process, the chimney flap must be ajar and the ash box must be closed.
If during work (for example, while cooking a large amount of food) smoke starts to escape from the gap between the door and the grill body, it is necessary to open the chimney damper by a large amount - as much as will be necessary for the complete evacuation of combustion products (smoke).
At the end of the cooking process, close the chimney flap.

If during operation it became necessary to raise the temperature in the furnace, for example, from 150 ° C to 200 ° C, open the upper and lower flaps to “full power”. After reaching the set temperature, close the dampers. The oven will go into standby mode.

At the end of cooking work in the furnace, turn the chimney flap to a horizontal position (to mark 0) and tightly close the ash pan.