4M Charcoal Grill

162 500 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Poland-Ukraine)
Warranty period
36 months
Type of instalation
Outer casing
из н/ж стали AISI 430 (2 мм)
Thermal insulation
from basalt wool (35 mm)
Inner chamber
из н/ж стали AISI 304 (5 мм)
door, frame, grate of cast gray iron
930x620x1960 mm
Overall dimensions of the camera
760x520x450 mm
Working temperature
up to 500 ° С
Number of seats
up to 200 people

The Vulcan 4M grill is a successful combination of a compact coal stove and grill. Despite the desktop version, it is quite enough for operation in establishments with seats up to 200 people. The furnace is ignited for 35 minutes and can maintain the operating temperature up to 500 ° C. For continuous work within 8 hours it is necessary - 20 kg of coal. Temperature control is carried out using a thermometer located on the oven door. The furnace - grill is equipped with a box for ashes and a grease collector.

The Vulcan 4M grill is a rectangular design consisting of:

- framework, material - cast carbonaceous cast iron;

- outer casing made of AISI 430 steel (stainless) 2 mm thick;

- internal working chamber made of heat-resistant steel;

- cast iron door.

On the upper wall of the outer casing there is a flame arrester with a truncated cap (cap) cone-shaped. Flame arrestor height - 200 mm.The whole structure is on reinforced legs. 

The Vulcan 4M grill stove is a reliable assistant with great potential in the professional kitchen of any restaurant!


The Vuscan 4L Hosper furnace set includes:

  • chimney damper;
  • grill for meat - grill (n / f steel) - 1 pcs., additional shelves for meat, fish, vegetables cost UAH 6,000 apiece;
  • coal grate;
  • metal brush for cleaning;
  • forceps; bottom flap with handle.