Hosper wood stove 4L

212 200 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Poland-Ukraine)
Warranty period
36 months
Outer casing
from AISI 304 steel (2 mm)
Thermal insulation
from basalt wool (35 mm)
Inner chamber
from N / AISI 304 steel (5 mm)
door, frame, grate of cast gray iron
930x620x1960 mm
Overall dimensions of the camera
760x520x450 mm
Working temperature
up to 500 ° С
Number of seats
up to 200 people

Vulcan 4L is a representative coal grill stove, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the HoReCa segment. These ovens are called josper stove or simply josper. The remarkable taste and the minimum cooking time in the josper oven are the main advantages of this device. Model Vulcan 4L is recommended for use in establishments with seats in the amount of 200 people. By design, this josper oven has a floor version. The whole volume is divided into two levels. The first level (upper) is the working chamber of the furnace and the ash box. Lower level - wardrobe - nightstand. The working chamber has guides for the grids on which the dishes are installed or the products are baked.

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Technical parameters Hosper furnace Vulcan 4L

  • Power (equivalent) - 4.5 kV;
  • Ignition time - 35 minutes;
  • Gross weight - 290 kg.

Supply of Vuscan 4L Hosper furnace in Ukraine

  • Terms of delivery: 50% advance payment.
  • Delivery time: up to 6 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment.
  • Warranty: from the moment of commissioning




The Vuscan 4L Hosper furnace set includes:

  • chimney damper;
  • grill for meat - grill (n / f steel) - 1 pcs., additional shelves for meat, fish, vegetables cost UAH 6,000 apiece;
  • coal grate;
  • metal brush for cleaning;
  • forceps;
  • bottom flap with handle.