Furnace Hosper 2L

182 500 грн.
Producing country
Vulcan (Poland-Ukraine)
Warranty period
36 months
Outer casing
from AISI 304 steel (2 mm)
Thermal insulation
from basalt wool (35 mm)
Inner chamber
from AISI 310 steel (5 mm)
door, frame, grate of cast gray iron.
640x600x1960 (with filter) mm
Overall dimensions of the camera
510x520x450 mm
Working temperature
up to 500 ° С
Number of seats
up to 100 people

According to its functionality, the Vuscan 2L Hosper combines a coal stove and a grill, reducing the cooking time of products and giving them the wonderful aroma and taste of dishes cooked over an open fire.

This model is ideal for institutions in which the number of seats does not exceed 100 people.

 Oven Hosper Vulcan 2L has a floor version and looks like a metal cabinet, which consists of two parts.

In the upper part there is an internal working chamber. The chamber is equipped with grills, on which products are baked and a door.

The lower part, which serves as a stand, is equipped with a box for ash and a cabinet with hinged doors.

The spark arrester filter with a cap mounted on top of the working chamber ensures the safe operation of this equipment both in closed rooms and in open areas. Installation in an enclosed area requires the attachment of a retractable umbrella.  With the oven, the Voscan 2L Hosper dishes in your establishment will acquire a special taste and aroma!

The operating parameters of the oven Vuscan 2L Josper:

  • Power (equivalent) - 3 kV;
  • Ignition time - 30 minutes.

Supply of stove Hosper Vulcan 2L in Ukraine

  • Terms of delivery: prepayment of 50% of the cost.
  • Delivery time: up to 6 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment.
  • Warranty: from the moment of commissioning.


The Vuscan 2L Josper furnace delivery set includes:  

  • chimney damper; 
  • grill for meat - grill (n / f steel) - 1 pcs., additional shelves for meat, fish, vegetables cost UAH 6,000 apiece;
  • coal grate; 
  • metal brush for cleaning;
  •  poker; forceps; 
  • bottom flap with handle.