Oven - grill Vulcan 3L Eco

131 133 грн.
Producing country
Warranty period
36 months
Type of instalation
Outer casing
stainless steel AISI 304 (2 mm)
Thermal insulation
basalt wool (35 mm)
Inner chamber
cast iron 20 mm
gray cast iron grate
742x680x1625 mm
Working temperature
from 200 °C to 350 °C
Number of seats
up to 100 people

The grill oven Vulcan 3L Eco is the universal equipment for HoReCa establishments.

This oven alone combined a barbecue, a smokehouse, a pizza oven and an indoor grill.

Such functionality is provided not only by a set of additional devices, but also by constructive solutions. In the oven - grill Vulcan 3L Eco uses technological elements that form its multifunctionality:

  • a turbine for pumping air speeds up ignition, thereby reducing the preparation time of the furnace for operation and helps maintain the required temperature in the furnace;
  • cast working chamber in conjunction with a tightly closing door, create ideal conditions for smoking products;
  • the presence of a temperature sensor allows you to clearly control the temperature regime;
  • additional elements (a frame with a stone for baking, a frame for a barbecue) allow you to make baking and meat dishes on skewers.

The grill stove is quite economical in fuel consumption. Charcoal consumption - not more than 25 kg per day, coal briquette - not more than 10 kg per day.

At the same time, the Vulcan 3L Eco grill oven has a capacity of up to 30 kg of meat products per hour and will perfectly cope with orders at the establishment for up to 100 people.

Thanks to the spark arrestor, the furnace is absolutely safe and can be installed in closed rooms with a connection to the exhaust pipe.

The use of high-quality materials in the manufacture of the furnace - the Vulcan 3L Eco grill gives a guarantee of its long and uninterrupted operation.

Delivery of the furnace - grill Vulcan 3L Eco in Ukraine

Terms of delivery: 50% deposit.

Delivery time: up to 6 weeks from the date of receipt of prepayment.

Warranty: from the moment of commissioning.


Vulcan 3L Eco oven grill is included in the package of delivery:

  • oven - grill;
  • thermostat;
  • fan;
  • grill grill;
  • guides;
  • grate;
  • ash pan for collecting ash.

Additional options:

  • spark arrestor 5000 UAH .;
  • frame with a stone for baking 450x580 mm - 3000 UAH .;
  • barbecue frame with 10 skewers 450x580 mm - 2500 UAH .;
  • skewer - 150 UAH .; grill for frying - 3000 UAH.