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The more people travel the world, the more our food becomes international. In any Ukrainian city you can find a restaurant of Asian, Italian, Georgian, Ukrainian cuisine. What else can surprise the consumer with such abundance?It turns out you can, and one of these trend new products is the oven, which was called josper. 

What is josper?

Hosper is the perfect tandem of charcoal burning and grilling. The josper oven is the “reincarnation” of the traditional oven in the 21st century. The special taste of products cooked in such a stove made European engineers and designers develop its modern counterpart.

Having more modest dimensions and a different wall material, Josper has the same qualities as a traditional wood-burning stove - it maintains a high stable temperature, which ensures uniform heat treatment of products. Products cooked in such conditions are distinguished by a juicy and delicate texture, great taste and smell, which gives the dish the romance of a fire! You can cook various products in the josper oven. Each restaurant that has such equipment creates its own josper menu, which can include any type of meat and fish, vegetables and mushrooms.Using accessories: lining of stone, cast-iron containers and pans, guides under the skewer, you can now cook a pizza, bake bread, fry kebabs and Lyulya kebab. And what a tasty baked pumpkin in josper!

The xosper oven is a great opportunity for the catering establishment to expand its menu with new, popular dishes. Such equipment is the basis for josper bars and an additional element of the grill bars and mangalny grounds.

Hosper furnace TM Vulcan

TM Vulcan manufactures josper furnaces in Ukraine using European technology. This professional equipment has an attractive design, economical and safe in operation. The range of stoves Josper TM Vulcan can satisfy the needs of the restaurant with attendance from 100 to 250 landing.

The design is made of high quality materials and European components:

  • the outer casing is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • the inner case is a high-quality cast chamber made of cast iron and 5 mm steel boiler;
  • Grid-irons and door shields - from high carbon iron.

The mineral wool based on basalt fiber, which is used as an insulator, eliminates the possibility of burns when touching the outer body of the furnace.The design features of the Jusper furnace of the TM Vulcan furnace are discussed in detail in the “Construction” section.Hosper TM Vulcan furnaces have a guarantee for the deformation of the body up to 3 years. The recommended use temperature is not higher than 500 ° C.