The city of Odessa, in itself, is very colorful and will not leave anyone indifferent. And by right, we consider the restaurant Tairov, which is named after a famous scientist, doctor of agricultural sciences, the greatest collector and winemaker, founder of the school of winemaking and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Vasyl Egorovich Tairov.

Naturally, along with the name, the restaurant took over some of the characteristics of V.Ye. Tairov himself. Tairov restaurant specializes in copyright wine from the exclusive vineyards of the Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking them. V.E. Tairova, cooking dishes using molecular cuisine, and most importantly - the proper preparation of meat dishes on the fire!

That is why it is equipped with the flagship models of TM "Vulcan"!

Equipment for the restaurant Tairov (Odessa) includes:

  • multifunctional open grill "Vulcan AG15";
  • Josper grill on charcoal "Vulcan 4L" ;
  • wood oven for pizza "Vulcan PRO7".

I would like to draw attention to the correctness and expediency of selection of equipment for the restaurant:

  •  the Vulcan 4L charcoal grill is designed for institutions up to 200 seats and fully corresponds to the attendance of this institution;
  •  the Vulcan PRO7 pizza oven, with a load of up to 6 pizzas at the same time, also goes well with the format of the restaurant and is able to produce up to 100 pizzas of standard size in an hour;
  •  perfectly fit into the working area and added this equipment to the restaurant, a universal grill "Vulcan AG15", which allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.

The equipment for the TM Vulcan restaurant installed in Tairov (Odessa) has a capacity that fully covers the need of the restaurant even at 100% landing.